Capture and Share
  • Jing Quick screen capture and screen recording, 5 minute limit on recordings and no editing. Screen capture has some markup tools. Can be used as a trouble shooting tool where students submit screen shots or video of their issue.
  • Screencast-o-matic Screen recording. Free version has 15 minute limit and watermark. Pro license available for our faculty with unlimited recording, editing and no water mark. Includes embedded webcam streaming. Useful for creating how-to videos. Can be used as a trouble shooting tool where students submit video of their issue.
Portfolio/Faculty sites
  • Blogger Can be used to create your own faculty portfolio or class site. Students can use it for portfolios or class projects. Possible to work in teams.
  • Wordpress Same concept as Blogger.
  • Behance Portfolio site that has a focus on professionals in the visual arts and music industry.
  • Audacity For editing digital audio files. Multiple track editing and many filters. Can be used to provide audio feedback for assignments.
  • Blue Griffon - For creating and editing web pages.
  • Crazytalk Animator For creating animated movies. Large clip and character library and multiple output formats.  
  • Direct MIDI to MP3 – For converting MIDI files. Has batch conversions, supports multiple output formats and many other features. 
  • GIMP For editing digital images. Useful for any kind of image editing project.
  • Share 4 Students can create multimedia projects that incorporate video, audio, animation and web resources. Exports to a shareable file or web format. Another portfolio option for students.

  • OpenOffice Alternative to MS Office. Includes document, spreadsheet, presentation and database tools.
  • Google Forms – Useful for collecting feedback or surveys. Data saved to Google spreadsheet.
  • Prezzi Create interactive presentations online. Useful for student presentations in conjunction with Screencast-O-Matic and the webcam streaming function.
  • Game Guru - You can build you own 3D world, using easy to usetools. Populate your world by placing down characters, weapons, ammo and other game items, then, by pressing just one button your game is built automatically for you, ready to play. 
  • GameMaker - caters to entry-level novices and seasoned game development professionals equally, allowing them to create cross-platform games.  
  • Kodu - Kodu is a visual programming language made specifically for creating games. It is designed to be accessible for children and enjoyable for anyone. The programming environment runs on the Xbox, allowing rapid design iteration using only a game controller for input.
  • RPGmaker MV – Oct. 23rd release. To create learning activities based on gaming concepts. Exports to Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and HTML5. A lite version of the previous version, VX Ace, can be downloaded at
  • Instagram – Share pictures
  • Google Drive, Slides, Sheets and Docs – keep your documents/files updated on all devices
  • Skype – Video conferencing
  • Blogger, Wordpress – To update your blogs and portfolios.

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