Digital Ticket is a free one-day conference centered on online learning and the latest in educational technology. This is a conference I help organize and is hosted through my department, the Center for Distance Education at Lamar University.

BASICoid is a website I started working on to show how to program in BASIC for Andriod using RFO BASIC.

EZ Test Converter for Blackboard 9.1 is a program I created to formatted text files into Blackboard quiz pools. 

 jGed Genealogy Publisher is a program I created to convert .ged files to a web site. 

JJPixel 2 – Beta 1 is a simple pixel editor I made to create graphics. Download 

JJTiles 1 – Beta 1 is a program I made to generate tile sets. I have included exports targeted toward RPG Maker VX ACE. Download

My Genealogy Research is a website of my .ged files generated using jGed Genealogy Publisher.

MOCCO - Mobile Online Content Course Content Organizer is a site I programmed using PHP to help organize content using a mobile platform.

RetroMapper is a program I created to make simple maps.

RPG Maker is a gaming software I am experimenting with to make interactive course content. Link to examples.

Here are some game graphics I created.

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