Friday, September 9, 2011

Converting MIDIs to MP3s

I found a nice piece of software to convert my MIDIs to MP3s. It is called Direct MIDI to MP3 by Pistonsoft. ( Other solutions I looked at required a real-time conversion but not Pistonsoft's solution. You can also batch convert your files. I found this software very easy to use and converted files quickly.

Direct MIDI to MP3 comes with a 30 day trial and costs $29.95 to purchase. However, if you promote the software on your website or blog (see the Pistonsoft site for details) they will send you a free key to register your software.

The process:
  1. drag your midi files to the converter window (limit of 5 with the trial version)
  2. click the Convert button
  3. choose a folder to output files
  4. (optional) choose audio output settings
  5. press the Start button
Here is a short video I made to show you how it works.

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